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Terraclean technology for engine cleaning.

Let us dramatically reduce the level of carbon required by your car, to increase its fuel efficiency & its performance. Contact us now!

Increase the efficiency of your car's engine

TerraClean technology works by de-carbonising the fuel required by your car, making significant improvements to the emissions, MPG, driveability and performance.

Get in touch with our experts in Bideford today for more information on the process.

TerraClean Prices

Up to 1.750 Litres
Now Only £72+VAT
  • Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines
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From 1.750 to 2.999 Litres
Now Only £84+VAT
  • Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines
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3 Litres +
Now Only £118+VAT
  • Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines
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"DPF light appeared on the dashboard and I was told my only options were to try a forced regeneration (which might not work) or to have a new DPF fitted costing well over a £1500. I heard about TerraClean and contacted them and they came out and cleaned it straight away for less than 1/4 of the cost of a new one. The car runs so much better and now when the car needs any other service I will 100% use TerraClean again. Fast Friendly and Reliable Service." - Rhys From Havant (Vauxhall Insignia)

"I have had issues with the DPF system for the best part of 18 months. Now I finally have had the TerraClean treatment as well as a proper DPF clean by the same agent. All I can say is wow my car has never run like it does now. Until this was done, my only option was a new DPF. The best part of 2 grand all in the TerraClean is the proper service that should be done to every new-ish car in my opinion, saving motorists thousands. Thank you TerraClean - you saved the day." - Rob Jones (BMW 325d 2007 Tourer)

"Andy TerraCleaned my Volvo S80 today. Excellent service, top man. I can notice the difference right away. Also had my MOT mate do a smoke test and he was amazed how quick it passed the test! Top marks, highly recommended" - Scott Judge (Volvo S80)

Count on the reliable and honest mechanics at our garage

You'll get lower emissions and optimum engine performance because of higher engine efficiency. Our innovative engine cleaning services apply to motorcycles, cars (petrol and diesel), vans, trucks, motorboats, agricultural vehicles and plant and machinery. You can also choose us for our efficient car servicing and repair work. Speak to our team at West Ride for further details.